The “Italian pride” rests in the fact that every element of our pochettes and our jewellery are made using the finest Italian manufacturing in the industry.
A reflection of this concept, one of the many and innumerable signs which distinguish this project, can be seen in the design that appears if one connects the locations of these companies geographically..


White, red, blue and black are the colors of the new t-shirt collection by Eyelet Milano: four items where the modern elegance – the real trademark of the brand – meets simplicity, being suitable for every kind of outfit. The t-shirts are decorated with a pocket-square printed on one side, with a real mother of pearl button sewn on it and a big logo printed on the other side.

The t-shirt is the new must have of your closet: according to the latest trends, it gives to your everyday look a casual and at the same time classic touch.


7 colors, 7 the perfect number, 7 are also the days of week so this is the name of our SEVEN DAYS collection, every day a different colour


Eyelet Milano celebrates the coldest season with the warmth of the finest winter fabric, cashmere,
the protagonist of the new FW17  Seven Days double face collection.
Entirely made in Italy in 100% premium quality cashmere yarn, they have a color contrast hem and the special signature
of Eyelet Milano: the exclusive hand-sewn button made of ebony especially for this collection.
To have fun creating new combinations, the new Seven Days become double faces: being the colors reversible,
you can choose the most suitable tone for your outfit (and your mood) … all with a simple gesture.


Ebony limited edition with eyelet in white cotton end ebony button.
New ally of masculine elegance, eyelet Milano new pochette chooses linen, an extraordinary delicate and fresh material and matches with a button in ebony, one of the most precious woods in the world, to create an unique and original pochette.


Gold has always been considered the most precious metal and its colors WHITE, PINK and YELLOW invoke the trilogy, the LUXURY OF BEING ABLE TO CHOOSE


Heart of the Eyelet Milano Diamonds Collection is a precious gold button. It is a superb limited edition that blends the excellent craftsmanship with precious and pure materials. Pocket squares are made of precious and esteemed cotton and shine with unique light. Black and White diamonds are the wonderful protagonists of the collection.


The neverending fire for new goals and experiments brings eyelet Milano to an astonishing limited edition of jewel collection which reinterprets the brand concept in a refined and appealing trilogy of rings. Eyelet reforges the precious gold and 18 carats diamond button, real star of the new collection in a ring which is a unique in its style and originality. A staff of outstanding Italian goldsmiths an enhances the button in yellow, white and pink gold with a wonderful pavé of 0,350 carats white brilliant diamonds. .